Friday 16 December

13:00 Organizing committee
Registration and Welcome Aula 5
14:30 Rasmus Nielsen  Selection scans using Next Generation Sequencing data  Aula 5
15:30  Pavlos Pavlidis  Story-telling in genome scans for selective sweeps. Should we believe the results because they make sense?  Aula 5 
16:10  Nicola J. Barson Population genomics reveals environmental associated adaptive genetic variation in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)  Aula 5
16:35  Coffee break
17:00   Andrea Betancourt  Analysing pooled sequencing data  Aula 5

Lino Ometto,     Omar Rota-Stabelli

Round Table 1. Genomics for non-model organisms: pros and cons   Aula 5
18:50 End of the session
19:30 Bus leaves from city center to the restaurant
Social dinner


Saturday 17 December

9:00  Dan Graur Can animal and plant genomes be devoid of junk DNA? An answer based on mutational genetic load, mean fertility, and effective population size  Aula 8
 9:40 Telmo Pievani,      Dan Graur  Round Table 2. Encode and the functional fraction of the genome   Aula 8
10:30  Coffee break
11:00  Ludovic Orlando 

Methods for reconstructing ancient epigenomes and microbiomes

 Aula 8
12:00  Pavlos Pavlidis 

Detecting selective sweeps in full-genomes: what methods to use?

 Aula 8
13:00  Lunch
15:00  Rasmus Nielsen  Physiological adaptation in humans  Aula 8
15:40 Francesca Luca 

Functional genomic analysis of adaptations to local environments

 Aula 8
16:05 Diego Micheletti 

Identification of selective sweeps in domesticated apple

 Aula 8
16:30   Coffee break
17:00 Andrea Betancourt

Transposable element evolution in Drosophila

Aula 8 
17:40 Markus Moest Patterns of selection and introgression at protective wing colour pattern loci in Heliconius butterflies  Aula 8
18:05 SIBE members meeting
Aula 8
19:30 Bus leaves from city center to the restaurant
20:00   Social dinner 


Sunday 18 December

09:00 Ludovic Orlando An ancient DNA perspective on horse domestication and horsebreeding  Aula 8
09:40  Rus Hoelzel Adaptation and drift in the deep sea  Aula 8
10:05 Lisa Loog
Selection analysis applied to time series of ancient genotype data reveals how medieval religious reform shaped the genomes of modern chickens  Aula 8
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Giordano Botta  High resolution populations genomics reveals an extremely complex dynamics of early speciation in Afrotropical malaria vectors  Aula 8
11:25 Anders Eriksson Hurdles out of Africa: how climate shaped the history of human migrations  Aula 8
11:50 Giorgio Bertorelle, Emiliano Trucchi Round Table 3. The most influential (and useful) papers in adaptation genomics  Aula 8
12:40 Giorgio Bertorelle Greetings Aula 8
13:00 See you next time!