Invited speakers

(A: Seminar; B: Lecture)


Andrea Betancourt picture

Andrea Betancourt

University of Veterinary Medicine, Austria

A: Transposable element evolution in Drosophila

B: Analysing pooled sequencing data

Dan Graur picture

Dan Graur 

University of Houston, U.S. 

A: Can animal and plant genomes be devoid of junk DNA? An answer based on mutational genetic load, mean fertility, and effective population size.

B: On December 15, Dan Graur will also give an open lecture at the University of Padova (about 70 km North of Ferrara) with the title: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: Three Misconceptions about Genetics (Determinism, Perfectibility, and Naturalness)

Rasmus Nielsen picture

Rasmus Nielsen 

University of Berkeley, U.S. 

A: Physiological adaptation in humans

B: Selection scans using Next generation Sequencing data

Ludovic Orlando picture

Ludovic Orlando

University of Copenhaghen, Denmark 

A: An ancient DNA perspective on horse domestication and horsebreeding

B: Methods for reconstructing ancient epigenomes and microbiomes

Pavlos Pavlidis picture 

Pavlos Pavlidis

IMBB, Greece  

A: Story-telling in genome scans for selective sweeps. Should we believe the results because they make sense?

B: Detecting selective sweeps in full-genomes: what methods to use?